Are Your Sponsored Brands Ads Out of Stock & Still Spending?

Are your Amazon Sponsored Brands ad campaigns promoting products that are out of stock, yet still costing you money?  

What am I talking about?

Doesn’t Amazon Advertising automatically pause ads if they’re out of stock?  


Sponsored Product ads – since there’s just one product per ad – become ineligible and pause if the product is out of stock.  

Sponsored Brands – since there are three products in the headline plus​ more on the landing page – keep running unless all products are out of stock.       

Here’s a supplement brand whose three products from the creative are out of stock, yet their ad is still enabled and showing up live on Amazon’s site:

NaturalSlim are out of stock on all three products in their ad creative yet the ad is still running
NaturalSlim are sold out of stock on all three products in their ad creative yet the Sponsored Brand ad campaign is still enabled and running. You can tell they’re out of stock because all three SKUs are hidden. The ads below are Sponsored Products, not NaturalSlim’s.

Obviously this isn’t how you achieve good performance in terms of traffic, conversion rates, revenue, profit etc.  (Or the #1 Amazon Ads metriic

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