You Want To Grow Ad-Driven Revenue? Here’s How Our Ad Management Services Can Help

We use the following tactics, amongst others, to increase total sales:

1. Target more keywords, ASINs & categories

Some of our accounts have 100,000s of keywords. We know how to find targets for growth.

2. Ensure you use the ad formats that get the highest clickthrough rates

If you want more revenue, in most cases you can get more traffic from keywords you’re already targeting by changing ad formats. IE Know when to use Store Spotlights vs Product Collections

3. Optimize conversion rates with A/B testing

There are techniques to persuade more of the audience to buy, such as speaking to their desired benefits.

4. Increase average order values by a/b testing merchandising

We can help you figure out the right product mix in your Sponsored brand headline for each keyword so that you sell more per order.

Ask About Growing Your PPC Sales: