011’s Team

Meet the team! There are four of us as of this writing. Sinai Burns, Shem Rosengard, Avraham David Solomon, and David Gabriel Goldenberg

Sinai Burns – Ad Team Leader

Sinai is originally from the UK, but has lived in Africa, Asia and North America. He enjoys his work with others, managing teams and personal growth.

He has experience in E-Commerce, Sales and Data Management and has worked in London, Hong Kong and Jerusalem in a variety of roles. He likes to push creative boundaries, for example in creating new video ads or graphics. He combines this with strict adherence to data analysis and research. This has enabled him to see his work help companies grow, both through new ideas and ‘the old good ones’, always learning what works best for the individual business.  

When he’s not at work you’ll find him playing guitar and singing with his band or spending time with his kids. 

Shem Rosengard – Ad Manager

Shem recently moved with his wife Amy and their kids, to Israel from the UK. Shem served in the UK’s Prevent service to help detect and counter extremism that could lead to terror attacks. Promoted multiple times, he developed KPIs and processes in partnership with the relevant field officers and other agencies involved, contributing greatly to the security of the country.

Nowadays, Shem is taking his understanding of KPIs and processes to help define better ways to create Sponsored Brand ads and measure the outcomes, to continually improve client results.

Avraham David Solomon – Ad Manager

Avraham Dovid Solomon

Avraham earned a B. Ed majoring ni Talmud and Communications, along with 9 years of Rabbinical studies in the Hesder Yeshiva in Maale Adumim. He’s also partway along towards a M. Ed. He’s written a novel that he successfully crowd-funded and published, as well as served in the IDF, notable during Operation Protective Edge. He lives in Efrat with his wife and 3 daughters.

A quick learner, Avraham’s taking his analytical skills gained in studying Talmud and applying that to Sponsored Brand Ads.

David Gabriel Goldenberg – Founder, {If(Title:) Exalted Delusion of Grandeur Goes Here, Would Be Emperor of the Galaxy. Else: Water boy}

David got into digital marketing and SEO 15 years ago, looking to help promote Israel online. With G-d’s help, he’s had a range of successes (and many failures too!). The first was attracting 25,000 visitors in his first 9 months. That lead him to start consulting on digital marketing for others.

After a decade during which he wrote the first book on advanced SEO, spoke at conferences, universities and private training across the US, Canada, the UK and Israel, David got into Amazon. Working inhouse for an Amazon seller, he helped them grow ad revenue from $7.5M/year to $30M/year over 3 years while keeping a very healthy ACOS between 10-12% (ROAS 8-10x).

David started 011 Ads for Brands to help others based on what he learned there.