About Us

011 Ads for Brands is an Amazon Ads agency specialized in Sponsored Brands, both Text and Video. Read on to hear about our story and how we’re uniquely positioned to help you improve your ads’ performance. Or read about the team and find out about us as individuals.

Our Story

Around 4 years ago, I (that’s me, David Goldenberg, 011’s founder) joined an Amazon seller. My background was working ~11 years in SEO, conversion rate optimization and various other digital marketing channels.

At the time, he was living here in Jerusalem and needed help with his growing company, as he was still wearing most of the hats (aka working in the business instead of on the business). With my background in SEO and conversion optimization, that seller hired me to manage his advertising and marketing, to free up his time.

The seller initially had me focus on Sponsored Brands & Sponsored Display, in partnership with an agency, while a second agency handled Sponsored Products.

With G-d’s help first and foremost, plus a smart boss, great colleagues and products, and good support from our agency, we had some nice wins.

Over that first year, we increased Sponsored Brand revenue from $201K/mo to $524K/mo. It could have been more, but our ads sold out some key products 🙂 .

I had been involved with many other aspects of the marketing, too. From listing optimization based on Amazon SEO, to negotiating ad buys with social media influencers and our website SEO, not to mention packaging and inserts. That became a bit much and we hired a team to help me manage the work load and especially our ads.

(By this point I had been given responsibility for Sponsored Products as well as Sponsored Brands.)

With G-d’s help, over the next three years, the seller’s business grew to $82M/year, from $30M the year before I joined. Ad-driven revenue grew from $7.5M/year to $30M/year in that time.

Due to my own inexperience at the time managing a team, plus a poorly timed data error by Amazon that made ACOS & ROAS look 2.5x less than it was, I got demoted from CMO to ad team leader… for Sponsored Brands.

At the time it was really painful and I stormed out the office in a huff and a puff.

It later helped me keep my job when the team lead responsible for Sponsored Products really made ACOS & ROAS 50-70% worse. He and his team got fired, Sponsored Products went to an outside agency and my colleague and I stayed on to run Sponsored Brands.

More importantly, the boss helped me realize that I’m better at Sponsored Brands than Sponsored Products. And that I enjoy it a lot more, because you have [nearly] full control: creative, targeting and bidding.

Still dissatisfied from the demotion, I eventually started my own agency to take advantage of what I’d learned.

We had developed some unique techniques and I could see, from discussing with other sellers, that people didn’t understand Sponsored Brands the way we did.

The match types work differently than Sponsored Products.

The placement bidding is different from SP.

You have creative control, and full bidding control, both unlike Sponsored Products.

The reports share different insights than you can glean from Sponsored Products.

If you read online – or you see what tool providers and other agencies do – you realize that nearly no one actually understands this uniquely profitable medium. That’s where we come in. Having just focused on these ads, and spent ~$3M just on Sponsored Brands, we know the nuances and bring unique expertise to the table.

011 Ads for Brands was born.