Sellers in Home Decor & Furnishings: Want to lower your Amazon PPC ACOS?

With G-d’s help, we grew a lighting brand’s ad-driven revenue from $7M/year to $30M/year over 3 years, at 11% ACOS (9x ROAS) while working inhouse.

We started this agency and now serve them plus other clients in the home decor & furnishings industry.

Viktor Morozov, of 7 figure home decor company Wall Charmers, had this to say:

Another client, Craig Romero, had this to say:

“Our company, Digital Beauty Group, requires an Amazon advertising partner that can ensure we’re driving the best performance from our campaigns.

David and his team provided us with a seamless and pain-free experience, which allows us to focus on our core business without having to worry about Amazon Sponsored Brand campaigns.

David is extremely knowledgeable and understands what it takes to beat the competition. He always goes above and beyond to ensure we’re getting the best service. I feel like he cares for our business as if it were his own.

There are a lot of Amazon Advertising partners to choose from, but it would be hard to find a solution as good as 011 Ads for Brands.”

Craig Romero, DB Group CEO

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