Use This Simple Visual Tactic To Increase Your Conversion Rates with Sponsored Brands, and other Brand Store Traffic

Driving traffic from Sponsored Brand Store Spotlight campaigns to your Amazon Brand Store is a powerful tactic – and here’s a force multiplier for you.

Use message match between the ad and the store, with custom headers per page.

Popularized by Jeff and Brian Eisenberg, the idea of message match is that each step in your marketing funnel repeats the same message so that people know they got to the right place. They give the analogy of a tracking dog looking for the scent. The dog keeps tracking if it keeps finding a scent trail similar to the original scent. If that dissappears, the dog won’t keep moving.

In Amazon, if your Sponsored Brand advertises baby bath towels, then your Amazon Brand Store landing page should show baby bath towels. That much is generally what people do.

However there’s an extra thing most advertisers miss. That’s the header.

Amazon Brand Stores are forced by Amazon’s template system to feature a 3000×600 pixel image at the top called the header. Most people just feature their logo, sometimes with some lifestyle aka use imagery.

Here’s an example:

Mukin brand store header

The problem is that the header doesn’t change from one page to the next.

Mukin uses the above graphic on their homepage, muslin waschloths and bamboo washcloths page.

From experience, these pages still convert. However you can improve the conversion rate by showing graphics and/or messaging relevant to the benefit sought.

Is a muslin washcloth softer / nicer for the baby?

Say so in your header graphic for the muslin washcloth page.

Is bamboo better for the environment? Say so in that page’s header.

And adapt the header with relevant photos adjacent to the logo.

Pro tip: Amazon Brand Stores are now responsive, so if you write in your header, make sure the text is also legible on mobile screens.

Mukin’s graphic has small italicized text I can just barely read on my desktop – no one’s going to read it on their phone.

Pro tip 2: Even if you’re not driving Sponsored Brand traffic to your store, people get there from links in your product page listings. So it’s still worth optimizing your store to avoid leaving that money on the table.

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